The Western Health Nursing & Midwifery Leadership team is proud to present the Nursing & Midwifery Professional Practice Framework (the Framework) developed by nursing and midwifery staff at Western Health.

The Framework is structured around the five domains of practice, which are surrounded by the Best Care domains and informed by Western Health’s Values. Collectively, this enables all nurses and midwives to deliver Best Care to our community.

To support our nurses and midwives throughout their career progression, the Framework also includes an achievement model of skill acquisition.

The five domains of practice are relevant to every nursing and midwifery position at Western Health and inform every position description and our Performance & Development Plans and reviews. The domains are:

Evidence Based Practice
Clinical Expertise

The Framework supports career planning and progression and outlines the support and opportunities available to assist both the development of individuals and teams. It offers career pathway guidance for those wishing to advance and provides consistent professional advice, assists workforce planning, and will be an invaluable resource for our staff and the wider Western Health team.

Nursing and Midwifery at Western Health is on an exciting growth trajectory. We have an increasing annual participation in our early career and post-graduate programs, which have grown significantly over the past 3 years during a period where we have implemented and continued to develop innovative, person-centred models of care.

This Framework is for you, and all about you and your successful and enriching career at Western Health. We value feedback and collaboration in our workforce. Our nurses and midwives told us that they wanted a structure that supported their professional development through their careers, and this Framework has been developed to provide guidance and clarity for your career now and into the future. It aims to support you on your professional journey by assisting you to identify key components within your role, various levels of skill and knowledge acquisition and Western Health’s expectations of our nurses and midwives.

As health care professionals we aspire to become experts, and this Framework will provide a practical road map to assist you in navigating the complex pathway of professional development, career planning and advancement of your practice.

This Framework is designed to be read alongside Western Health’s Strategic Priorities to ensure it meets the needs of nurses, midwives and Western Health.

At Western Health we are immensely proud of the commitment and dedication that our nurses and midwives display every day, and I encourage you to continue to engage and contribute to the development of our services as we realise our vision and sustain our professions into the future.