Published on 6 October 2021

Westerly is the new direction for communication at Western Health – with a difference. A breath of fresh air in the way we connect with each other. More than a one-way resource centre, Westerly provides a place for connection, sharing and support. We care for our people, and so the opportunity to connect blows in many directions: from the organisation to staff; from staff to the organisation; and from staff to peers.

To help strengthen the connection, one of the greatest benefits of Westerly is that there’s no need to be on the network to access content. You can visit the website from anywhere and from any smartphone or computer.

Westerly is a resource hub for all departments to share important information, such as Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), with teams and the wider workforce. The website is a platform for Western Health’s microsites, including Nursing & Midwifery, Greatest Need, The People’s Hospital, Western Doctors, NFH, Live Best Care, Inspire Awards, COVID-19, Digital Health, and unitED.

We encourage you to get involved in the ‘virtual tea room’, too. Share your pet funnies and even last night’s cooking mishaps on the pinboard; join a live session for entertainment and laughs; submit your ideas to the Exec team; and take part in a live wellness class.

Russell and the Executive team will be leading the way with updates from Western Health. They’ll be sharing highlight news, compliments shared by patients, and lots more.

Connection is crucial for emotional, mental and physical wellbeing: strong relationships help strengthen our health. We promise to do our best to keep the wind in your sails by supporting you and providing a place to connect.

Westerly. A new direction.